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5 Great Ways Busy Moms Can Enjoy Some “Me Time”

5 Great Ways Busy Moms Can Enjoy Some Me Time - excuse me mom (3)

5 Great Ways Busy Moms Can Enjoy Some “Me Time”

Being a mother is a full-time job. The idea of me time may not seem realistic, but there are ways to make some time for yourself. Whether you take time for a little coffee in the mornings or a nice hot bath after the kids go to bed, there are definitely ways for moms to enjoy some valuable me time (alone!).

1. Make some free time for coffee in the mornings

Set your alarm for 30 minutes before everyone else in the home gets up. It’s only 30 minutes, but it gives you time to have a cup of coffee and peace and quiet. This is time meant just for you. You can go outside during the warmer weather and watch the sunrise or sit inside during the colder months, enjoying the fireplace. This is your time to start the morning right.

2. Enjoy a Hot Bath After the Kids Are in Bed

Once you’ve got the kids tucked in bed, run a warm bath filled with your favorite bubble bath and just enjoy a 10 to 20-minute bath. It doesn’t have to be a long ordeal. You just want enough time to unwind and end your day on a positive note. Best of all, a hot bath will allow you to sleep better.

3. Read While Waiting for the Kids to Get Out of School

If you pick your kids up from school, take a book or your e-reader with you. This is a great chance to get in a bit of reading. If you find that you never have time to read, this is perfect for you. You may only get to read for 10 to 30 minutes, but that little bit of me time can make a world of difference. You’ll actually look forward to waiting in that long line.

4. Relax During Nap Time

Instead of feeling compelled to clean during nap time, take the time to relax. You might even want to take a nap with your kids. This would also be a great time to watch your favorite shows on Netflix. A 30-60 minute nap for your kids is the perfect chance to enjoy a little me time.

5. Treat Yourself While Running Errands

Last, but not least, on those days you have a lotย of errands to run, make time to do something just for you. It might be stopping at Starbucks for your favorite coffee or having lunch at your favorite deli. Just take the time to do something you enjoy. You work hard and you deserve it.

While being a mom is a full-time job that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break. So the next time you find yourself without kids, even for just a few minutes, enjoy someย me time without feeling guilty about it.

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