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Dr. Seuss Inspired One Fish, Two Fish Party Game


My son’s school celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday yesterday with a carnival! The teachers asked the parents to bring an activity for the kids to play. I immediately thought it would be a lot of fun for the kids to fish with magnets. This Dr. Seuss party game is inexpensive and easy to make and a total hit!


Supplies Needed:

  • printed fish
  • contact paper
  • scissors
  • twine
  • wooden dowel
  • paper clip
  • magnets
  • e6000 or another strong glue
  • blue poster board
  • permanent marker


The first thing you’ll need to do is print your Dr. Seuss Fish!

I printed 16 fish and that was the perfect amount for my small poster board pond. After you’re done printing your fish, you will want to roughly cut them out.

Roll out your contact paper and cut 2 pieces for each fish that will cover them entirely. Place a fish onto the contact paper and smooth out.


Place a piece of contact paper on top of your fish and smooth out any bubbles.


Once you have laminated each fish with the contact paper, you will cut each fish out. I left a white border around my fish, mostly because it was easier.



Turn your fish over and glue your magnets on the back of them with a strong glue. I used e6000. You want to use a strong glue because hot glue and white school glue can peel right off the contact paper once dry. The fish will be handled a lot and you don’t want any of your magnets falling off.


Using a permanent marker, write a number on the back of each fish. I used the numbers 3, 4 and 5.


Now that your fish are done, you need to build your fishing pole! Cut about 2 feet of twine. Tie your twine around one end of your wooden dowel and tie the other end of the twine onto a paper clip. I used e6000 to seal my knots. Use a blue piece of poster board for your pond. I cut a fun “pond” shape out.


How to play the game:

Playing this game is really simple and fun! Let the kids get in line and take turns fishing. When the kids catch a fish, they need to look at the bottom of the fish for the number. The number is the amount of candy they have won! I had a big bucket of candy they could pick from. I invited the kids to play again and again. If you’re planning on having a Dr. Seuss themed party for your kids, this game is a must have.

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