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Felt Baby Monsters Craft


My son loves monsters. In fact, love is an understatement. He’s obsessed with monsters! You’ll see a lot of monster themed crafts and activities on this blog. Maybe.. I like monsters too! Your kids will have a blast customizing these adorable felt baby monsters! This craft is also totally inexpensive.


Supplies Needed:

  • poster board
  • felt (various colors)
  • scissors
  • pen & black sharpie marker
  • white school glue or hot glue
  • googly eyes
  • pom poms
  • pipe cleaners


The first thing you’ll need to do is print your monster templates. You can print these on paper and trace onto poster board after you print.Β  You could also print directly onto poster board if you think your printer can handle it. Just cut the poster board to size. Once printed, cut your monsters out.



Now you’ll want to use your monster template to trace the shape onto your felt. When you’re done tracing your monster shape onto your felt, go ahead and cut your monster out of the material.


Once you have cut your monster out of the felt, you’ll want to glue the felt portion onto your poster board to give the felt some stability. You can use white school glue or hot glue for this.


Cut an oval shape out of flesh toned felt and glue onto the monster. Add poster board teeth. You can add fangs, buck teeth, sharp scary teeth etc. Start adding additional features such as googly eyes or stripes on the horns.


Use a black sharpie marker and draw on an adorable face. You can draw any face you’d like.


Your monster is now finished unless you’d like to make him a bit more expressive. Invite your kids to add pom poms, pipe cleaners or scraps of felt to your monster. My son used scraps to add dots to one and covered another completely in pom poms. He had so much fun!


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