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8 Tell-Tale Signs He’s Cheating On You

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He starts to act differently, his cell phone is locked up tighter than a federal prison and your gut is telling you that he’s not being faithful. “The number one sign that someone is cheating on you is your intuition,” says Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., author of The New Monogamy. Your gut may not always be right so we’ve put together the 8 tell-tale signs that he’s cheating you on. If you’re noticing that several of these are happening in your relationship, you may have cause for concern.

1. Listen to your intuition: You keep trying to shake it but your intuition is screaming at you! So why should I listen to my gut instinct? Intuition is often confused with your subconscious mind at work. You may be unaware of tell-tale clues that he’s cheating but your subconscious mind is picking up on them.

2. Change in sexual appetite: Are you having more sex or less sex? Any sudden change in familiar sexual activity is a bold warning sign that he’s cheating. He may be having less sex with you because he’s spent from the woman he’s cheating on you with. But he could also be having more sex with you, because having two women at once is a turn on to him.

3. He’s secretive with his phone or computer: He never leaves his cell phone unattended, he always takes phone calls in another room, his devices all have strong passwords that you don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with wanting privacy but relationships thrive on being open and honest. “Most men won’t necessarily let you read e-mails or texts, but they won’t try to hide them either,” says psychiatrist Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity.

4. He’s never available: Whether he’s “going out with friends” or “working late,” a sudden shift in his normal schedule is a red flag that he’s seeing someone else. This becomes especially troubling when coupled with some of the other signs that he’s cheating.

5. His personal appearance is more important: He’s trimming his nose hair, cleaning his ears and shaving his private parts but not for you! You’ve been asking him to do these things for months and finally, he’s more interested in his personal appearance than ever. If your man is wearing more cologne, hitting the gym to work off those love handles and taking a better approach to his grooming habits.. it may be an indication that he’s trying to impress the other woman.

6. He’s being too nice: Is your man being overly nice all of a sudden? He’s buying you gifts, giving you massages and taking you out to your favorite restaurant. If this isn’t normal behavior for your man, he could be trying to distract you into thinking everything is okay or he may be feeling guilty.

7. He’s spending more money: Cheating doesn’t usually come free. Your man is often buying her gifts and taking her out for meals. You need to keep an eye on your bank account/credit card statements to see if there are any unexplained charges.

8. His mood has changed: Your knight in shining armor is increasingly upset and has sudden mood swings that he’s never had before. His guilty mind will do anything to avoid telling you the truth, including blaming you for his behavior. If he’s acting defensive all of the time, this is a tell-tale sign that he’s not being faithful and his guilt is being projected unconsciously.

These signs aren’t definitive proof that your man is cheating but are sure signs that something is wrong. If you feel he’s cheating and can’t shake your concerns, it’s time to have a discussion with him. Stay strong and remember that you are worth so much more than a man who doesn’t respect you!

Has your man been unfaithful to you? What were some of the reg flags that caused concern. Leave us a comment below!


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